Quilts / Fleece・boa・fake furs / Inner Cottons


Quilts are made from a combination of fabric and inner cotton, stitched to express patterns. Not only they are used for clothing’s shell and back fabrics, but they are also used for bedding, bags, and miscellaneous goods. We also have a combination of fabric, spunbond (non-woven fabric), and inner cotton. Consistent and continuous patterns such as stripes and diamonds are standard items. We also carry computer quilts that can express complicated patterns, and ones with no sewing threads, fused by ultrasonic waves to express patterns.

Fleece・boa・fake furs

We carry a wide range of products including fleece, which is a soft brushed fabric, and high quality boa and fake furs. They all feel nice, and have excellent heat retaining capability and breathability. We provide these products at low prices and can make them into various kinds of items.

Inner Cottons

Heat-retaining items made by entangling fibers, which become a piece of sheet, confining air between the fine fibers. You can place them inside clothing, or use them to replace feathers. In addition to polyester material, we also have ones made from cupro and rayon that have moisture-absorbing and heat-producing function besides heat-retaining property. We can mix inner cotton with various kind of functional fibers to provide functional inner cottons.

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