Since its establishment in 1887, Shimada Shoji has grown to become a specialized trading company that plays a vital role in the progress of fashion culture.
With the fashion industry now fully globalized, corporate management needs to take a global perspective. Following the successful founding of Shimada Shoji (Hong Kong) Limited in 1987, we took our operations to the next level by establishing bases in Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, and Ho Chi Minh City. Our next major targets are the US and Europe.

On the domestic front, there has been growing awareness of the need to protect the environment. In March 2001, as part of our CSR efforts, the Shimada Shoji head office was certified under ISO 14001—a globally recognized standard for environmental management systems.
Our core mission involves contributing to the progress and development of fashion culture through the provision of buttons and trim items. By pursuing this mission and developing new trim items for apparel, we strive to remain an indispensable part of the fashion industry.

島田 昌建


  • Mission

    Shimada Shoji—providing choice sewing materials that are the lifeblood of the fashion industry
    Along with colored cloth materials, the clothing that we wear includes numerous items such as buttons, zippers, and snaps. Shimada Shoji provides a variety of such sewing materials used in garments. Since we began, our company has handled more than 1,000,000 different items that have been used in apparel ranging from sports and casual clothing to high-end men’s suits. Through our support for various sectors of the apparel industry, we have earned the trust of our stakeholders. Shimada Shoji makes it a point to notice customer needs and work with manufacturers to jointly plan and develop new products. We also provide diverse packages of sewing materials for sale, while offering value-adding insights into clothing and fashion trends. Our strong overseas network allows us to respond rapidly to garment-manufacturing needs. Looking ahead, we will continue to propose new possibilities to the world’s apparel manufacturers in our role as their best partner.
    A track record of results and trust built up since our founding in 1887
    Since launching our business as a button maker more than 130 years ago, Shimada Shoji has continued to contribute to the fashion and apparel industry. In the future, we will continue to propose superior products by making use of our experience and the trust we have achieved during our long history.
  • Company

    Value harmony.

    Promote trust before products.

    Never forget one’s original purpose.

  • Basic Policy

    To stimulate and contribute to the promotion of fashion
    through sale of buttons and sewing accessories.

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