STORY 1 Attractive Solutions Attractive Solutions

thanks to our global network so you can “ask Shimada—it has everything!”

Clothes use buttons, zippers, badges, emblems, and any number of other parts. At Shimada Shoji, we acquire these secondary materials from all over the world and supply them to apparel manufacturers in Japan and other countries. Making just one item of clothing requires dozens of secondary-material items, and our strength lies in our ability to provide all of these in one package. We can do this because we have numerous suppliers in Japan and across the globe and hold in excess of 1,000,000 items under one roof. If there happens to be a material that we do not handle, we will call on the connections we have developed throughout our history—which stretches back more than 130 years—and find a supplier who has the item. We have constructed a system in which you can safely say: “ask Shimada—it has everything!”


STORY 2 Experience and Skill Experience and Skill

Solutions through the selection of optimal materials, supported by more than 130 years of specialist expertise

Design is not the only element that is important for clothing—many different functions may be required, depending on the use and situation. Shimada Shoji has amassed extensive specialization and expertise in many fields, including formal wear, casual wear and sportswear. In addition to the sheer number of items, we have the knowledge and ability to propose selections of the most suitable items, appropriate for the product. These factors are another reason for choosing Shimada Shoji.


STORY 3 Expand the Capability Expand the Capability

Broadening the possibilities of fashion through trend-aware product development

The characteristics demanded of suits and sportswear by the market are becoming more and more varied with changes in work styles and lifestyles. Our mission is to identify trends before anyone else and develop new materials with added value. For this reason, we are putting efforts into doing more than simply following the category of secondary materials, and we are striving to keep our eyes on movements in the fashion industry as a whole and to develop original materials.


STORY 4 In-House Lab In-House Lab

Providing safe, high-quality products through by strict inspections in our in-house laboratory

Our in-house laboratory is at the same level as those of public agencies. This enables us to perform quality checks in strict inspections that meet JIS standards, such as investigating durability and color fading, and making sure materials are free of harmful substances. In addition, in FY2017 we introduced testing devices compatible with ISO standards, so our system can cater for clients outside Japan as well. By internalizing inspections, we can achieve speedy quality checks for newly developed products from Japanese and foreign manufacturers and supply them quickly.


STORY 5 Global Network Global Network

Constructing a highly mobile global network through strong bonds and collaboration

We have affiliates established in 11 locations, including China, the ASEAN region and the United States. These areas serve as key factors in the implementation of Shimada Shoji’s techniques and the constant creation of excellent secondary materials and parts, and not just as production locations. They also play an important role in enabling us to take in the latest information from around the world and share it. This international network has given birth to strong bonds and collaboration through which we can extend and heighten our global points of view and skills. These are important elements that shape the Shimada Shoji of today and will shape the Shimada Shoji of tomorrow.


STORY 6 Ecology for a Better Tomorrow Ecology for a Better Tomorrow

What we are doing to protect the Earth’s environment for tomorrow

As global warming, garbage problems, and other environmental issues become increasingly serious, approaches to preserve the environment are gaining serious traction on a global scale. Business activities aimed at harmony with the environment are a significant mission for us, as an enterprise involved with manufacture and as a member of society. In 2001, we were ISO14001 certified, the international standard for environmental management systems. We are striving to reduce the burden imposed on the environment by our business activities, through such measures as reducing energy and resource usage, reducing and separating waste, and promoting recycling, among other measures. We also cooperate with manufacturers to provide an assortment of secondary materials made from raw materials recycled from PET bottles and plastic film waste, and biodegradable secondary materials made from corn and other sources, and encourage their sale and popularization.


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