Attractive Solutions

We handle an extensive variety of more than 1,000,000 items, so you can “ask Shimada—it has everything!”

Experience and Skill

Solutions through the selection of optimal materials, supported by more than 130 years of specialist expertise

Expand the Capability

Broadening the possibilities of fashion through trend-aware product development

In-House Lab

Providing safe, high-quality product by strict inspections in our in-house laboratory

Global Network

Constructing a highly mobile global network through strong bonds and collaboration

  • Bucky
  • じぷじぷ
  • つね吉くん
  • アゲロン オロセイ
  • ぼたん夫妻
  • すとふぃーぬ すとっぷす すとっぴー
  • マギー
  • ぼんぼん
  • ふぁっふぃー もっふぃー
  • もふんどる てぷりん
  • Dr.グルトン
  • ジプ男くん
  • しんじい
  • ボム ポム
  • うらじい
  • Buttons Fastener Zipper Slider Emblems,Labels Stopper / Buckle Hook / Snap Shoulder Pad / Sleeve Heading





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