To those who want to succeed globally
and create new trends around the world

Shimada Shoji is an apparel material trading company with more than 130 years of history. We moved forward with overseas expansion ahead of our competition and we are currently operating in 11 locations, including China, Thailand, the United States, and Vietnam. We have exhibited our products at international trade fairs from an early date, and have steadily made the Shimada brand a well-known name around the world.
Our continued aggressive global expansion makes us an ideal environment for those who are curious about working in another country and who want to make direct contact with the trends of the world.
We believe in having our people gain experience in foreign countries and broaden their horizons while they are young, and to this end we create opportunities for employees to work overseas from the second or third year at the company. You can pick up language skills as you desire later. The first thing we welcome is the desire to challenge yourself.
This is a job that features the attraction of spreading Japanese technology throughout the world and cutting a new path for fashion.


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Information for applicants

We are taking applications for sales positions to provide buttons, zippers, badges, emblems, and other secondary materials that are essential for clothes to apparel brands in Japan and other countries. We work on secondary materials, mainly for men’s sportswear and high-quality clothes, as well as casual lines. Our clients include many famous brands that are household words, and we love seeing in stores apparel products using the materials we have provided.
There are also opportunities to develop new materials based on trends, and you can also find fulfillment in expanding the possibilities of fashion through materials that you have invented.