Waistbands / Waistband interlinings / Collar Cloths・Feltace


Waistbands are used for waist of pants like suit pants. Not only they hide pants’ inside seams, but they also enhance comfort of the pants. We have a wide variety of colors and patterns to match shell fabrics’ types and colors, and we also have waistbands with silicone stoppers to prevent shirts from riding up. Fashionable pleats, stitches, and breathable mesh are available; applicable to a wide range of usage.

Waistband interlinings

Reinforcing interlinings for shell fabrics that prevent waist of pants from turning over, and finish up the waistline nicely by adding firmness. Not only they keep shape and enhance durability, but they also make pants more comfortable. We have ones that add soft texture and ones that stretch, which are used for sportswear.

Collar Cloths・Feltace

By sewing these on back of top collar, the collar becomes more stable. There are two types: collar cloths with woven materials, and feltace with non-woven materials. Good products have superior setting capability and good balance vertically and horizontally. Feltace makes beautiful collar silhouette, and by choosing a color that’s different from shell fabric, the jacket becomes more fashionable.

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