Buttons / Hooks・Snap Buttons / Stoppers・Buckles


Buttons, used as fastener on garments, on the one hand pursue useful and practical functions but at the same time, good designs are required. One small button significantly changing your image of a whole garment is not uncommon. As a supplier of all garment accessories, we provide buttons in various materials, shapes and sizes, and have many kinds of products staying ahead of the fashion trend every season. With our experiences and achievement we have cultivated in the past 130 years, we support you by giving you the right suggestions and advice.


Hooks and snap buttons are easy to attach and remove compared to common buttons sewn with threads, and you can open and close them one-touch. They are rich in design and come in various kinds of shapes, designs, and colors.


Belts that decorate garments, stoppers that fasten cords, and buckles. These are essential to coats, skirts, and sportswear. We have a wide range of designs because even when shape is same, difference in material affects whole image.

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